16 Sessions Remediation/Enrichment Program

  • In this program, we will assess your child to determine his/her weaknesses and we will assist your child in filling in those  gaps for the entire program online via zoom. However if your child is advance, we can use the sessions to challenge him or her.
To get started
  1. Complete our form here and I will get back to you ASAP.
  2. I will send you a text to set up a 20-minute phone consultation where we will discuss your child’s needs, personality, and schedule, so that I can give you the list of the best matched tutors for your child.
  3. Once you have paid for the 16 sessions, I will give you the information for the online assessment to start the process. (For Pre-K through 5th $480, 6th-8th $512,  and 9th -12th $560.)
  4. Last, you will receive the information via email for zoom meetings and for the tutor/specialist contact information to communicate throughout the process.

 During the consultation, we will discuss the following:

  1. Do you want you child assessed in math and/or ELA.
  2. Do you want your child to get help with math and/or ELA. If both, then 8 sessions will be for math and the other 8 will be for ELA.
  3. We will decide on the best tutor/specialist to select for your child .
  4. You will decide on the best schedule based on the selected tutor’s schedule. 
  5. You will get to select your 16 sessions starting from September 1st through December 16.
  6. We will discuss the prices which are $480 for pre-K through 5th grades, $512 for 6th-8th grades, $560 for 9th-12th grades. 
  7. The session are 1 to 1 and are 1 hour each. You will book here under 16 Sessions to select the tutor, dates, and times.
  8. Homework/practice will be given.
  9. You will receive feedback after each session.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at info@diverseilearning.com or call and leave a message or text at 484-273-0195.