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Adrian Cox - Settles

Owner/Author "Be"/ Math Specialist/ Teacher/ Tutor/ Schooling Consultant/ The Parent-Teacher Mediator


My name is Adrian Cox-Settles and I am the owner of Diverse Interactive Learning (Math Does Matter LLC). I specialize in Mathematics Education and have been teaching, leading departments, and tutoring for over 20 years. In 2014, I was even named the Teacher of the Year by the National Technical Association for my accomplishments. Outside of teaching as a profession, I have also been a virtual learning coach and a homeschool mom for years.  In the transition of my teaching career, my 3 sons have also skipped grades in either preschool or elementary school. That was one of my biggest accomplishments!

I grew up in the Lexington Terrace Housing Projects of Baltimore, Maryland, and I am a product of the Baltimore City Public School System. I have spent much of my teaching career educating youth in Baltimore City Public, Charter, Private, and Community College. I know how it feels to struggle academically, and I also know what it takes to be successful. Most of my grit and my tenacity is the byproduct of wanting better for myself, wanting to live a life where I need not worry about food or money. That’s part of the reason I value education so much and I try to help others with theirs. A good education can open the door to so many opportunities and if I can help others with that, then I can potentially be a bright light in their lives helping them in their pursuit of success. My strong passion and love for mathematics given to me by God opened doors for academic advancements. In short, it saved my life!
I offer free tutoring consultations, educational consultations, parent/teacher mediations, and adult math tutoring sessions.

Benefits of D.I.L

    • Caring and Compassionate Owner/CEO
    • Safe Online Environment
    • Interactive Live Lessons
    • Free Diagnostic Assessment with Sessions
    • Individualize Education Plan
    • Differentiated Lessons
    • One on One Sessions
    • Group Sessions (If Requested)
    • Same-Day Homework Help (Must send an email to info@diverseilearning.com before 11am that day.)
    • Online Classes for Students and Teachers
    • Free Resources
    • Free Consultation
    • Expert Curriculum Instructors
    • Passionate Professionals
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    • Diverse Tutors
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    • Affordable
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    • Parent/Teacher Remediation
    • Customized Online Homeschool Program


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American Sign Language & BASL Teacher/Tutor

Ms. Rachel

Ms. Rachel tutors K-5 and adult vocational Rehab for deaf/hard of hearing students, specializing in reading, literature and spelling. Ms. Rachel is also an interpreter and she teaches/tutors sign language.

She is caring, empathetic, sincere, and mature. She earned a degree in early childhood education. Later because of a desire to assist deaf students she earned an associate degree in educational interpreting for deaf/hard of hearing students and has an educational interpreter’s license. She has thirty years’ experience working as an interpreter and tutor for Deaf/hard of hearing children and adults. Because of her love for people Ms. Rachel travelled to England to be featured in a BBC documentary on war children and their plight. This compassion defines her tutoring approach. 


Alena tutors all general subjects for Elementary through High school level.

She is patient, kind, and a knowledgeable individual who is dedicated to helping your child understand certain topics that they are struggling in. Additionally, she is devoted to providing your child with a visual or verbal communication depending on how they comprehend the material. Furthermore, she will create a comfortable environment conducive to learning and encourage them to ask questions. Her goal is to provide your child with an engaging learning environment in which she is more than excited and prepared to start! She tutors all general subjects for Elementary through High school level.

Anisa tutors all general subjects Elementary to High School level. She also tutors all sciences up to intro College Level courses of Biology and Chemistry. She can also assist in proofreading College level essays and assist in finding materials for research papers.

She also has a passion for teaching psychology and sociology courses. Anisa is eager to help teach children and has taught individuals of various ages ranging from elementary to college students and is excited to be able to work with them. She believes learning unfamiliar subjects can be difficult but only if you don’t open up to tackling issues you have with it head on and finding ways in which you can learn best. She wants to help your child understand the material and feel confident in asking questions and feeling comfortable in the learning environment.

Daniela tutors all general subjects for Pre-K through 5th grades. She also tutors all test prep for those grade also.

Throughout her educational journey, she has been able to gain 6 years of experience and growth in the classroom with children from Pre-K through Elementary School. She has a BA, and her MS in Curriculum and Instruction. Daniela is passionate about providing children with EQUITABLE and a QUALITY education. She also seeks her own professional development in closing the gap between academics and social emotional life skills, so that students can thrive!
antoine dautry A kdOHHw unsplash

Ibrahim tutors all math levels from 4th grade up to Pre-Calculus. He also tutors and teachers SAT and ACT math test prep.

He is a certified mathematics teacher. He has taught and tutored all math levels for over 10 years. He has led math departments assisting and tutors all math levels from 4th grade up to Pre-Calculus. He also tutors and teachers SAT and ACT math test prep.
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Kubra tutors all general subjects for Elementary school.

She has always had a passion for teaching. She is here to provide her utmost support whether you need help with an assignment or need an alternative method of learning. Ms. K stated, “What makes me love tutoring is seeing the enjoyment on my student’s faces after understanding a lesson or completing an assignment. I look forward to meeting and working with you! She tutors all general subjects for Elementary school.

LaTarchau tutors all general Elementary school subjects, 6th-7th grade math, Business/Financial math, and Developmental math for college students.

She is a certified teacher with 23 years of experience. She tutors Elementary math and ELA only, 6th and 7th grade math, Business & Financial math, and Developmental College Math. She also has been an inclusion teacher for 5th-7th graders. She is very passionate about teaching and loves watching her students grow. 

Latisha tutors math for Elementary levels to Algebra 1 and Stats. She tutors nursing students in dosage, calculations and TEAS prep. She also tutors English for all grades.

Hi! I’m Latisha and I’m a nursing student, wife, and mom of two little ones. During my free time, I love having family time and helping others, especially tutoring! I’ve been tutoring for over 15 years and it’s always been a joyous strength of mine. The subjects I enjoy teaching is math and english for all levels. If you need help with either of these subjects, please schedule an appointment and it’ll be my pleasure to help! 🙂

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Sariyah tutors Preschool and Elementary school subjects.

Ms. Sariyah’s patience with teaching children is exceptional and she takes the time to get to know her students. She believes that every child learns differently, and it takes a dedicated educator to learn their students and mold their lessons to fit their style of learning. She tutors Preschool and Elementary school subjects.

Stephanie tutors all general Elementary school subjects, reading strategies, 6th-8th grade math/science, and high school Chemistry.

She has been teaching in the public school system for 10 years. She has taught all subjects in Elementary school. She has an Elementary Education certification, a 7-12 Secondary Education certification, and a Master’s degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Reading. She’s also a certified Reading Interventionist and currently a Chemistry teacher. She has been teaching in the public school system for 10 years.

Sumaya is bilingual in English and Somali. She tutors math up to Pre-Cal including STATs, ELA up to 8th grade, science up to intro College-level and Organic chemistry. To add, she assists with College Essays/Personal Statements and Scholarship searching.

Sumaya is very passionate about educating people on health and STEM fields. Her passion has brought her to tutoring Math, which she immensely enjoys. With 2+ years of experience, Sumaya has worked with students from elementary up to community college! Her goal is to remove the stigma that math is complex and to make good grades attainable! As such, she tutors students in elementary math up to pre-calculus – including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, SAT Math, etc.!

About Us

Takiyyah tutors all general subjects for Elementary to 10th grade levels.

For many years, she has taught Elementary through Middle School students in different subjects in various settings. In addition, Takiyyah has tutored Elementary through High School students for many years. She has also homeschooled her children and other people’s children in her community.

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Vaishnavi tutors math and science for grades 6th up to college-level topics. She also tutors and teaches SAT and ACT math test prep.

She is a co-coordinator of a Mentorship Program. She has been coaching Experimental Design for National Science Olympiad, teaching middle schoolers statistics, data analysis, physics, Also tutors math and science for grades 6th up to college-level topics. She also tutors and teaches SAT and ACT math test prep.

Parents' Voices

Monica & Family

I have four boys (from 8th grade to college) and they have all benefitted from your tutoring sessions. You helped them understand math in a different way and gave them confidence in learning new math skills. Your tutoring sessions has resulted in my children getting amazing grades in math, confidence in learning new concepts in math and loving the subject.  Thank you for everything, you are an exceptional teacher!

Yolanda Londie Eppes

Excellent, excellent, and very patient tutor!!

Thank you Adrian Anisa for the last-minute tutoring session! The final grade is a “B”!

Mr. Henry

Good morning! Austin really enjoyed his last social studies session. Aleyah was extraordinarily pleasant, engaging and supportive. They developed an outline for the assignment touching on key facts so that Austin could use thereafter to assist him.Also, she provided him with resources to augment his research. She was outstanding! Austin will see her again next week.

Veronica Johnson

When my son was in the 8th grade, he was struggling with Algebra 1. I contacted Diverse Interactive Learning/Math Does Matter for help. The tutor was very helpful and patient with my son. My son learned new math skills to help him be successful in math. My son passed Algebra 1. He was able to take those skills he learned at Diverse Interactive Learning/Math Does Matter to help him with math in high school. I would highly recommend Diverse Interactive Learning/Math Does Matter to all parents looking for help for their children.

Thank you.


I often post my son’s athletic accomplishments however Academics is priority #1 in our household huge #Thanks goes to Poet Alum Adrian Anisa & her company Math Does Matter LLC. for working with my little guy….6th grade in the fall #Proud #FutureEngineer#ScholarAthlete.

Sr. Pari

Sr. Adrian is a fantastic math tutor. My daughter always struggled in math and since Sr. Adrian has helped her with some of the key foundational concepts it seems like this year she is doing so much better in this subject. I really think Sr. Adrian helped her with the foundation and made her appreciate and begin to enjoy math. Now she is doing so much better that she hardly needs to be tutored thanks to this service.

Thank you so much for this incredible service!


Math is his strongest subject right now. He said he has not started the Pythagorean theory in class yet but I believe that sustaining his “math Mind” with you over the summer has improved his math at school. 

Shanae – Jayla’s Mom

Thank you so much Adrian for all of your hard work and attentiveness with Jayla, and helping her to be a strong confident student. Math was her struggle and now she is one of the top students in her class and knows math from several grade levels. My fear was that she would fall behind, but with your summer session and then individual sessions she is ahead and focused. I thank you often and I will continue to support you.


Wa laikum Salaam Sis Adrian,

Najla has been mantaining an “A”in Honors Algebra 1, Al Hamdulillah! Your tutoring sessions helped build her confidence. Shukran for all your help.

Tia M. Toombs Baltimore, MD

I was very apprehensive about tutoring online. Nonetheless, it was the best experience and I cannot tutor any other way. Adrian is kind and patient as she facilities instruction. Not to mention, extremely knowledgeable she makes sure you understand the formulas and strategies to complete math problems. I learned so much and feel so confident moving forward. She actually made math painless for me. I highly recommend her. She is absolutely amazing!

Wahaj Kashif

During my days in high school, I was struggling with my classes. I had a hard time understanding the topics that were discussed in my class. But ever since I found a tutor through Diverse Interactive Learning, I was not only able to understand my classes but pass them with good grades as well. I was definitely satisfied with the tutors that Diverse Interactive Learning provided to me and greatly appreciated it. So, if you need any type of assistance or need a tutor, this is the right place to look at!

Yolanda Londie Eppes

Excellent, excellent, and very patient tutor!!

Thank you Adrian Anisa for the last-minute tutoring session! The final grade is a “B”!


Sr Adrian is a great mathematician and tutor. She makes math easy. Cube roots were explained in a very easy manner. Thank you!

Abrar Kashif

Starting college, I was really struggling with Pre-Calculus. After a couple of sessions with a tutor from Diverse Interactive Learning, I was able to understand the topic and subject much better. Because of this, I ended up getting an A!


After 25 years of not being in a classroom, I found myself taking enrolling in an Intermediate Algebra course, not remembering anything from high school, and trying to stay afloat in a fast-paced class. Had it not been for the tutoring received from Adrian, I would not have been able to pass the course. I had tried different online resources, none of which met my needs. I needed one-on-one tutoring with someone I could connect with that could meet me where I was, and Adrian was it. Adrian definitely has a dedication and passion for mathematics and a gifted teaching style. As an adult learner, Adrian found a unique way of tutoring me as she broke down the problems in a way I was able to understand and make sense out of them. Through God’s good graces, Adrian’s patience, dedication, love of math and tutoring, and in my application, collectively, I was able to pass my Intermediate Algebra course with an A. WOOHOO!!!! THANK YOU, ADRIAN!!!!!


The session was AWESOME!!!! I’m looking forward to learning and growing more.

Shaquell Bailey Truesdale

Devon went from a low C to a high B in geometry in a couple of weeks!! This program works!!! The teacher Adrian Anisa is phenomenal!!! She figures out what they missed and fills the gap…along with plenty of tips for success. Even if your child is not struggling…give them a leg up with this program. You will not regret it!!