After 25 years of not being in a classroom, I found myself taking the enrolling in an Intermediate Algebra course, not remembering anything from high school, and trying to stay afloat in a fast paced class. Had it not been for the tutoring received from Adrian, I would not have been able to pass the course. I had tried different online resources, none of which met my needs. I needed one-on-one tutoring with someone I could connect with that could meet me where I was, and Adrian was it. Adrian definitely has a dedication and passion for mathematics, and a gifted teaching style. As an adult learner, Adrian found a unique way of tutoring me as she broke down the problems in a way I was able to understand and make sense out of them. Through God’s good graces, Adrian’s patience, dedication, love of math and tutoring, and in my application, collectively, I was able to pass my Intermediate Algebra course with an A. WOOHOO!!!! THANK YOU, ADRIAN!!!!!