Diverse Interactive Learning

1. Our Homeschool Moms Are the Real MVPs White T-Shirts are available, Click Here.

2.  Our digit download printables homeschool binder kits are available, click here.

3. Our Parent/Teacher Mediation Services are available, click here to learn more.

4.  Our personalized online homeschooling curriculum programs are active. This includes the curriculum, resources, and 1 to 1 teachers. If you are interested,  *Complete this questionnaire here. & *Book a 30-minute consultation under the Homeschool option here.

5.  Our online educational yearly subscription are available. With this subscription, we will test your child first, and then give your child a personalized academic account, so that your child can work on his/her learning gaps and higher level skills, click here to learn more.

If you have any questions about the options above, email Adrian at info@diverseilearning.com with the details, thanks!