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Ms. Rachel

Ms. Rachel tutors K-5 and adult vocational Rehab for deaf/hard of hearing students, specializing in reading, literature and spelling. Ms. Rachel is also an interpreter and she teaches/tutors sign language.
She is caring, empathetic, sincere, and mature. She earned a degree in early childhood education. Later because of a desire to assist deaf students she earned an associate degree in educational interpreting for deaf/hard of hearing students and has an educational interpreter’s license. She has thirty years’ experience working as an interpreter and tutor for Deaf/hard of hearing children and adults. Because of her love for people Ms. Rachel travelled to England to be featured in a BBC documentary on war children and their plight. This compassion defines her tutoring approach.

Ms. Alia

Alia has been a teacher and tutor for over 10 years. Alia graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in biological Sciences. She has taught several years of middle school science. Alia has also tutored elementary, middle and high school mathematics. She enjoys tutoring math and exploring various resources to guide her students. As a mother of boys, she loves exploring nature and and learning about our environment. Alia is passionate about learning for life and wants her students to be life long learners. She works with her students to think deeply. Alia guides her students to understanding and reaching their goals.

Ms. Anisa

Anisa tutors all general subjects Elementary to High School level and introductory to Arabic. She also tutors all sciences up to intro College Level courses of Biology and Chemistry.
She also has a passion for teaching psychology and sociology courses. Anisa is eager to help teach children and has taught individuals of various ages ranging from elementary to college students and is excited to be able to work with them. She believes learning unfamiliar subjects can be difficult but only if you don't open up to tackling issues you have with it head on and finding ways in which you can learn best. She wants to help your child understand the material and feel confident in asking questions and feeling comfortable in the learning environment.

Ms. Dalieh

dalieh.dil@gmail.com Dalieh tutors Arabic at any level in writing, reading, and speaking. To add, she can assists in helping students read their Qurans. She is from Syria; Arabic is her native language which makes her a very strong speaker, translator, and writer. Ms. Dalieh loves to write poetry in Arabic and she has some saved for anyone to look at I will be more than happy to share them with you, so please if you like poetry feel free to ask me for a copy of some. Ms. Dalieh is a very patient, kind, and outgoing person, especially with children. She's very creative, knowledgeable, and happy to answer any questions if needed. She is very persistent when it comes to helping children. Additionally, she is devoted to providing your child with visual or verbal communication depending on how they comprehend the material. Furthermore, she will create a comfortable environment. Her goal is to provide your child with a fun and comfortable learning environment and she is more than excited and prepared to start! Ms. Dalieh is looking to tutor Chemistry (up to level 2; which is the periodic table, name of elements, compounds, finding the numbers of protons, and electrons, Going back and forth through different units, and balancing equations) in the close future. She is looking and hoping to have fun with your children; so it's not only learning, it is learning with fun while playing!!

Mr. Ibrahim

Ibrahim tutors all math levels from 4th grade up to Pre-Calculus. He also tutors and teachers SAT and ACT math test prep.
He is a certified mathematics teacher. He has taught and tutored all math levels for over 10 years. He has led math departments assisting and tutors all math levels from 4th grade up to Pre-Calculus. He also tutors and teachers SAT and ACT math test prep.​

Mr. Khayri


Khayri tutors elementary through high school level Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. He has been tutoring for 2 years. He loves math and loves to see the tutee reaction once he/she gets it. In Khayri's spare time he loves to write, read, game, play basketball, and watch football.

Ms. Rachida


Rachida tutors Math and Science (1st to 7th grade), Introductory French, and Introductory Arabic. She has a degree in Economics. Rachida is passionate about helping each of her students enjoy learning and reach their academic goals!

Ms. Sariyah

Sariyah tutors Preschool and Elementary school subjects. ​ ​​
Ms. Sariyah’s patience with teaching children is exceptional and she takes the time to get to know her students. She believes that every child learns differently, and it takes a dedicated educator to learn their students and mold their lessons to fit their style of learning. She tutors Preschool and Elementary school subjects.

Ms. Stephanie

Stephanie tutors all general Elementary school subjects, reading strategies, 6th-8th grade math/science, and high school Chemistry. ​ ​​
She has been teaching in the public school system for 10 years. She has taught all subjects in Elementary school. She has an Elementary Education certification, a 7-12 Secondary Education certification, and a Master’s degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Reading. She’s also a certified Reading Interventionist and currently a Chemistry teacher. She has been teaching in the public school system for 10 years. ​

Ms. Sumaya

Sumaya is bilingual in English and Somali. She tutors math up to Pre-Cal including STATs, ELA up to 8th grade, science up to intro College-level and Organic chemistry. To add, she assists with College Essays/Personal Statements and Scholarship searching.​
Sumaya is very passionate about educating people on health and STEM fields. Her passion has brought her to tutoring Math, which she immensely enjoys. With 2+ years of experience, Sumaya has worked with students from elementary up to community college! Her goal is to remove the stigma that math is complex and to make good grades attainable! As such, she tutors students in elementary math up to pre-calculus – including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, SAT Math, etc.!

Ms. Takiyyah

Takiyyah tutors all general subjects for Elementary to 10th grade levels. For many years, she has taught Elementary through Middle School students in different subjects in various settings. In addition, Takiyyah has tutored Elementary through High School students for many years. She has also homeschooled her children and other people’s children in her community.

Ms. Vaishnavi

Vaishnavi tutors math and science for grades 6th up to college-level topics. She also tutors and teaches SAT and ACT math test prep. ​
She is a co-coordinator of a Mentorship Program. She has been coaching Experimental Design for National Science Olympiad, teaching middle schoolers statistics, data analysis, physics, Also tutors math and science for grades 6th up to college-level topics. She also tutors and teaches SAT and ACT math test prep.​

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